Silver Air’s Boeing Business Jet Experts Bring State-of-the-Art BBJ to Charter Market

March 25, 2020
Press Release
by Silver Air

World’s First BBJ to Feature GoGo 2Ku Global Highspeed Internet

Santa Barbara, Calif. – March 25, 2020 – Silver Air, has signed a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) with unrestricted charter access based in West Palm Beach, Florida. The newly signed BBJ is one of the most state-of-the-art aircraft in the charter market, and it will be available for charter exclusively from Silver Air in Spring 2020.

Silver Air is a private jet management and charter company with operations in Los Angeles, The Bay Area, Seattle, Dallas, Florida, Houston and New York, and is the only operator of BBJs with unrestricted charter availability.

“The Boeing Business Jet is certainly considered a VVIP category in the world of private jets. These aircraft offer the ultimate in luxury travel along with a true office in the sky,” said Chuck Stumpf, Silver Air’s President of Business Development. “The BBJ can take you to just about anywhere in the world, and it provides the apex of comfort while en route. There is no comparison in private jet charter. The BBJ is the ultimate experience.”

The newly signed BBJ features an 18-passenger configuration with luxurious and expansive layout for traveling to nearly anywhere in the world. The custom interior features a master bedroom with a large bed, shower with exclusive steam feature, conference group, lounge area and three lavatories. It just received a beautiful new paint job, has stunning interior accoutrements, and is currently the only BBJ with GoGo 2Ku fully worldwide highspeed Internet connectivity. All monitors have Apple TV for streaming and Sling TV for live TV. The galley is equipped with a wine chiller, two microwaves, oven and De’Longhi coffee/espresso maker.

Silver Air manages an expanding international fleet with bases across the United States while still maintaining a sharp focus on client service and a unique approach to jet management. The company’s proven track record for providing experienced flight crews, professional international flight support teams, and expert operations around the world have elevated it to a new level in private aviation, where jet owners trust their most valued assets.

“BBJs are different than the rest of the private aviation world. As a large aircraft these unmatched private jets require special certification from the DOT (Department of Transportation), and Silver Air is one of a very small group of companies that have the experience, expertise and certifications to operate an aircraft of this size and scope,” Stumpf said. “That professional expertise combined with unmatched client service is why BBJ owners are choosing Silver Air above all others to manage their aircraft.”

Silver Air’s PURE Jet Management model provides a unique opportunity for jet owner partners, creating quality management plans at the best value, and expertly managing the multiple service vendors on the owner’s behalf ensuring a cost effective and transparent relationship.

In addition to the BBJ, Silver Air manages and operates light to large-cabin jets from Gulfstream, Dassault, Bombardier, Embraer, Cessna, and Hawker/Beech.

Silver Air’s charter operations have earned a WYVERN Wingman certification and an ARGUS Platinum rating. The company is currently IS-BAO stage two compliant, demonstrating the industry’s highest safety practices. Silver Air is also a member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation.

For more information on Silver Air visit http://www.silverair.com/.

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Silver Air is an innovative, industry leading aircraft management company and charter operator. As a DOT Certificated Air Carrier, the company operates under a Full FAA Part 135 certificate with worldwide operations. Silver Air is based in Southern California with corporate offices in Santa Barbara, and has bases of operations in California, Washington, Texas, Nevada, Florida and New York. The company manages and operates an all jet fleet, consisting of a wide range of aircraft from light jets to heavy long range jets. Silver Air is a WYVERN Wingman certified operator, is ARGUS Platinum and IS-BAO rated, and is a member of the National Business Aviation Association.

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