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Silver Air Becomes WYVERN Wingman PRO!

October 3, 2022
Press Release
by Silver Air

Santa Barbara, CA: When visionary operator Silver Air was looking for a way to take aviation safety to new levels, they didn’t look any further than WYVERN’s Flight Leader Program. Proving to be a perfect match of expertise and desire to improve, Silver Air has demonstrated its commitment and has recently been awarded WYVERN’s coveted Wingman PRO certification – the highest certification in private aviation.

Launched in 2018, the WYVERN Flight Leader Program was designed to raise the bar for private aviation safety. Since that launch, dozens of operators worldwide have embraced the progressive concept and realized genuine benefits from the ongoing collaboration at the heart of the Flight Leader Program. Through this collaboration and sharing of operational and leadership best practices, operators like Silver Air can keep moving their safety program continuously forward.

“With the collaborative approach to safety, the WYVERN’s Flight Leader Program allowed us to not only comply with the industry best practices and procedures, but also truly excel in our everyday culture of safety,” says Jason Middleton, CEO of Silver Air Private Jets. “Safety is our top priority and being honored with WYVERN Wingman PRO status is a testament to our commitment to the highest levels of safety at every level of service.”

The WYVERN Flight Leader Program is about ongoing collaboration between WYVERN and the operator. Through this collaboration, WYVERN can cross-pollinate best practices learned from other operators. This permits the discovery of new and innovative ways operators can conduct their safety activities, often removing the complexity that can stifle an otherwise healthy safety program.

“We congratulate Silver Air for achieving Wingman PRO certification, which validates their effective safety management system and excellence in managing operations and aircraft maintenance. Wingman PRO Operators stand out among their peers by allowing WYVERN to assess their conformity to best practices and continually monitor their information related to safety,” says Sonnie Bates, WYVERN CEO.

“Silver Air consistently demonstrates an exceptional level of aviation professionalism and attention to safety detail,” states Flight Leader Coach Capt Mike Atzert. “This is especially evident in its robust two-way safety communication program. The thorough manner in which Silver Air documents and manages risk issues related to safety events submitted into its reporting system is a testament to the maturity of Silver Air’s safety culture.”

About WYVERN  

WYVERN Ltd is the leader in aviation safety risk management and training. Building on its 30-year reputation for delivering value to the aviation community, WYVERN ensures operational excellence through its flagship Wingman and Flight Leader Programs. WYVERN’s EXACT Program is a comprehensive and professional safety certification program for UAS end-users and operators. WYVERN’s Safety Leader Training Course™ provides the education and training that enables professionals to achieve operational excellence in any aviation organization skillfully.

Learn more about WYVERN LTD here.

About Silver Air 

Founded in 2008, Silver Air Private Jets is an innovative, industry-leading aircraft management company and charter operator. As a DOT Certificated Air Carrier, the company operates under a Full FAA Part 135 certificate with worldwide operations. Based in Southern California with corporate offices in Santa Barbara, Silver Air manages a comprehensive fleet of luxury aircraft including light to long-range heavy jets with a global network operating around the clock, twenty-four hours a day.

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