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Jason Middleton founded Silver Air with CFO James Maxwell in 2008, creating a new model in the aviation management and jet charter industry, where we work with owners as partners rather than clients. Our internal directive was to give our owners a transparent view of their aircraft operations and to make all management decisions based on our aircraft owners’ goals. Based on this founding principle, we started with one jet, and now manage a diverse fleet of aircraft from light to long-range heavy jets. We also wanted to create an ownership-like environment for our charter guests. We make sure that every charter guest on every flight has a world-class experience, whether you fly with us once a year or twice a week. Teamwork, an extreme focus on customer service, an innovative culture, and safety woven into the fabric of our operations are central to how we’ve gotten to where we are today, and how we do business everyday.

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Our Beliefs


We are a world class team, in the business of providing industry-leading value to our customers.

it’s how we do things


At Silver Air, it’s about what we can do together. We know you rely on us to do our job effectively so you can do yours. Whether you’re an owner or charter guest, we consider ourselves part of your team; we do our part to ensure that everything aviation in your life runs smoothly.

Our goal is to make owning or chartering a jet an easy, cost-effective and positive experience. When you choose Silver Air as your aviation partner, you’ll have the most dedicated, effective, and honest people in aviation on your team.

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It’s what separates us from the rest


Success for our owners, charter guests, and company is central to our culture, and no one gets left behind. When it comes to implementing our vision, we know that each person and every detail matters. Each owner, charter guest, team member, flight, transaction, and conversation is valuable and valued, creating mutual trust and serving as a constant reminder that we succeed when you do.

We promote a culture of leadership, where all team members are expected to contribute their industry-leading skills and perspectives to create the best possible experience both in-house and for our owners and charter guests.

It’s our way of life


At Silver Air, we have a unique view on aviation safety. We take a team approach where all involved have a voice in our operations. The FAA and the industry mandate safety rules and safe practices. While this is important, it’s not the whole picture. A well trained pilot is important, but also only a part of aviation safety.

At Silver Air, each department and team member has a role in safety within the company. Our maintenance department, flight dispatch, flight department heads and aviators all work in unison every day to ensure all safety variables are considered and addressed for each and every flight.

We have extra layers of safety built into our operations such as SMS (Safety Management System) where each flight is run through a risk analysis system. We are one of a very small group of companies that allow the FAA uninterrupted access to all of our company records through our advanced record keeping software.

Silver Air is a Wyvern Wingman certified, and a IS-BAO Stage 2 Company.

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