• No Markup on Your Services
  • Passthrough on Your Expenses
  • Cost Optimization for Your Business

Your Priorities are Our Main Focus

Advocacy – We represent your best interests as a jet owner and negotiate top-tier service rates on your behalf.

Transparency – Your jet finances are important to us; you will always receive complete transparency on all business practices for your aircraft.

Scale – You receive scaled buying power and top level resources. Your personal needs and your business performance remain in focus along with the exceptional experience you deserve when you fly.

  • High-End Cabin Set Up for your Jet
  • Intensive Onboarding & Traning Program for your Cabin Teams
  • Polished, Organized and Adaptable Staff for Every Trip on your Jet
  • Attraction and Hiring the Best Industry Talent for your Jet.
  • Management of the Entire Life-Cycle Recruiting Process to Ensure a Positive Candidate Experience.
  • Robust Recruiting Strategies Targeting Active and Passive Pilot and Cabin crews.
  • Above and beyond industry standards and FAA mandates.
  • We provide the FAA uninterrupted access to our advanced record-keeping software.
  • As a part of our Safety Management System (SMS) protocol, each flight is run through a Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) during the flight-planning process.
  • Logistics Management Ensuring Issues are Solved Before Impacting Clients.
  • Certifications and Licenses holdings pertaining to Private Pilot License, Military, and Air Traffic Control.
  • Maintain an In-depth Understanding of all Facets of Private Aviation.
  • Full Transparency with Regard to Maintenance Strategy and Associated Costs.
  • Strategically Schedule Short and Long-term Maintenance for Maximum Availability.
  • Coordinate with a Tight Network of Leading Providers, Maintaining the Highest Level of Safety with Minimal Downtime and Cost.
  • Provides an Online Owner Portal for Easy 24/7 Access to Full Visibility of Income and Expenses.
  • Ensures Timely Payments based on Accurate Reporting for all Amounts Owed to Owners.
  • Designates an Experienced Point Person who will be your Aircraft Portfolio Expert.

A singular focus on managing all of the services needed to effectively operate aircraft. Advocating for owners. Strategic, goal-oriented planning. Clear communication and transparent reporting.
  • Flight Crews: Empowering pilots and crews to be part of our management process.
  • Fuel: Constantly evaluating and negotiating the best fueling options to maximize cost-benefit.
  • Maintenance: Experienced managers who seek out and secure maintenance experts for your specific aircraft, and negotiate the best value.
  • Hangars: Evaluate and pursue the best hangar solution for each individual Owner.
  • Charter: Motivated to capture maximum charter revenue for Owners based on our common goals.
  • Accounting: Simple to understand “One Transaction” accounting.
  • Planning: Clear, strategic, individualized plans, based on Aircraft Owners’ specific needs.

A developed network of multiple profit centers motivated by upselling fuel, maintenance, hanger rent and fixed costs. Disconnected, stagnated, restrictive.
  • Flight Crews: Restricting flight crews from making decisions or communicating with Owners.
  • Fuel: Motivated to keep fuel prices as high as possible, because they also own the fueling operations.
  • Maintenance: In-house maintenance staff with generalized aircraft knowledge and no motivation to compare or negotiate costs for Owners.
  • Hangars: Jams Owners’ aircraft into hanger space owned by the management company as an upsell.
  • Charter: Recovering costs in charter is a lower priority, because they are focused on upselling fuel, maintenance, and hangar rent.
  • Accounting: Unclear, inconsistent accounting with unexpected, surprise costs.
  • Planning: Restrictive “one-size-fits-all” plans based on their upselling, multiple profit center model.


Contact Cynthia Murphy | Director of Aircraft Management
(805) 456-7063 | cynthia.murphy@silverair.com



People decide to purchase an aircraft for many reasons; often it’s the flexibility of having a jet when you need it, for others it’s the security of knowing you’re on your own aircraft with pilots you know and trust, and for some it’s purely a financial decision.

Whatever your reasons, your Silver Air management team will help you analyze if ownership is the right choice for you. If you decide to buy an aircraft, we’ll work with you to create an overall ownership strategy that takes into account your unique combination of needs.


Choosing the right aircraft is vital for a positive, long-term ownership experience. Mission profile and acquisition cost are only a part of choosing the right aircraft. Your Silver Air management team will fill in the blanks the aircraft brokers leave when assessing the right aircraft for you. We take an end–to-end view of the ownership cycle, taking into consideration your current mission profile, potential future mission changes, and financial goals.


Aircraft brokers facilitate the purchase, and then move on to the next deal. At Silver Air we’re invested in building long-term relationships; we stop at nothing to make sure you have the ideal ownership experience from the purchase of your jet through the entire ownership cycle. At the end of the day, when you have a positive ownership experience from start to finish, we know we’ve done our job.



We know that for your ownership experience to be positive, it has to be financially successful. Most of our owner-partners enroll their jets in our charter program to offset the cost of ownership. Like everything else we do at Silver Air, we focus on maximizing your financial benefits as a businessperson, while balancing your flight needs as an owner.


What don’t we do? We don’t do fuel sales, hangar rentals, maintenance, cleaning, or other ancillary profit center services. This allows us to negotiate with vendors for the best quality services for your aircraft at the best prices for you. We keep our focus on what we do best: taking care of our owner-partners.

  • It’s a true partnership
    As with aircraft management, your best interests are in line with our best interests. You provide the asset and we provide the resources, network, and expertise to allow it to generate revenue while you’re not using it. We’re in this together; we succeed when you succeed.
  • Above and beyond aircraft care
    As your partner, we’re just as invested in the condition of your aircraft as you are. When we use your jet for a charter flight we treat it as if it were our own, and insist our charter guests do the same.
  • Customized charter plans
    We don’t have a one-size-fits-all owner charter program. Each of our owner-partners has different requirements and goals for their aircraft. We work with you to create a customized charter plan to best suit your needs and goals. When your needs change, so does the charter plan.

We’re happy to come to you to discuss your ownership needs, or have you visit our corporate office in downtown Santa Barbara, CA.

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