Silver Air Launches PURE Jet Management

February 13, 2017
Press Release
by Silver Air

Most Innovative, Transparent Jet Management Solution

Santa Barbara, Calif. – February 13, 2017 – Silver Air, the private jet management and charter operator based in Southern California, has launched PURE Jet Management illustrating the company’s vision to be the most innovative and transparent aircraft management solution.

PURE Jet Management fundamentals focus on the company’s owner-advocate approach that ensures jet owners’ interests are put ahead of all others, a proprietary process that builds strategic plans for each aircraft based on the owner’s goals, and an expert team that is professional, accessible, and transparent.

“PURE Jet Management differentiates Silver Air from traditional management companies that have developed a network of multiple profit centers motivated by upselling fuel, maintenance, hanger rent, and fixed costs,” said Silver Air co-founder and president Jason Middleton. “Since day one, Silver Air has vowed to advocate for our owner clients, and avoid the conflicts of interest that come from the traditional model.  PURE Jet Management means that we do one thing – we manage jets – and we believe we do it better and more transparently than anyone in the industry.”

Unlike traditional jet management companies that act as multiple service providers, Silver Air does not profit from upselling fuel, maintenance, hangars or other fixed costs back to jet owners. Instead, Silver Air works in tandem with pilots and flight crews and expertly manages the multiple service vendors on the owner’s behalf ensuring a cost effective and transparent relationship.

“Silver Air handles the management process with an expert team that delivers clear and transparent information to jet owners while working closely with flight crews to ensure everyone on the team is on the same page,” said Chuck Stumpf, Silver Air executive vice president. “Launching PURE Jet Management is an important step as Silver Air builds its management service to support additional clients in the future while maintaining the boutique, hands-on service we’re known for.”

Silver Air’s fleet features light to large-cabin jets including: Gulfstream G450, GIV-SP, GIV, Dassault Falcon 2000, Cessna Citation X, Lear 60, Beechjet 400A, Citation CJ3, Citation CJ2, and Phenom 100 models. Silver Air’s charter operations have earned the ARGUS Platinum Rating for their demonstration of the industry’s highest safety practices.

Learn more about Silver Air’s PURE Jet Management here: http://www.silverair.com/pure/

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About Silver Air
Silver Air is a pure private jet management service provider that delivers a transparent, owner-advocate approach to management creating valuable partnerships with private jet owners. Founded in 2008, the company is based in Southern California with corporate offices in Santa Barbara. Silver Air manages a comprehensive fleet of private aircraft from light to long-range heavy jets and a global network operating around the clock, 24-hours-a-day. Silver Air is ARGUS Platinum and IS-BAO rated and is a member of the National Business Aviation Association.

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