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Teamwork, culture, environment – Silver Air is driven to be the best in our industry – to change our industry by creating an environment where our team members can be their very best individually and collectively.

We’ve built a culture based on our values: Drive, Integrity, Simplicity, Caring, Discipline. Silver Air fosters an environment of safety-first flight operations and service-first client relations.


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Silver Air offers competitive compensation packages, a comprehensive benefits program that includes a 5% match on 401K retirement savings, full medical coverage for the employee and dependents, and 10 days off per month.


Benefits at a glance

We believe our people are our greatest asset and we encourage contribution and collaboration. Utilizing the latest technologies interwoven with industry leading business practices ensures an environment of peak productivity and professionalism.

- Jason Middleton, CEO


Silver Air is uniquely different than the rest. Our brand is built on the foundation of quality, transparency, advocacy, strong relationships, and value for our clients. Our number one priority is supporting our people to deliver our clients an exceptional aviation experience. We are focused on quality over quantity in everything we do, and we are looking for a few of the “Best” in the business, not a lot of average.


Silver Air has built a reputation for being the premium brand within the private jet community. We offer three products to support our client’s needs: Aircraft Management, Aircraft Charter, and Sales & Acquisitions. All three products work synergistically with each other and give our customers end to end support for all their aviation needs. People and culture are everything at Silver Air. We are a team of like-minded people that possess our Silver Air core values, all driven to provide our clients with the best private aviation experience in the world.


DRIVE – is what always keeps us moving forward in the right direction.

  • We are driven to be the best we can possibly be, not the biggest.
  • We are driven to provide the highest quality environment for our aircraft owners, our charter guest, and our employees.
  • We are driven to seek better ways to improve as people and an organization.

INTEGRITY – is our guiding compass for everything we do!

  • Integrity is why we have such strong relationships with our customers, vendors, and our people.
  • Integrity is core to safety. As an organization, we always support the safe decision because it’s the right thing to do.
  • Integrity means we always do the right thing, every time, regardless of how difficult.
  • We also hold our customers to the same high level of integrity that we hold ourselves to.

SIMPLICITY – Simple is how we like to keep things! We strive to simplify the complex.

  • By Simplifying processes to address complex issues.
  • By Simplifying our business practices and focusing on our core strengths.
  • By Simply being the best at what we do.

CARING – Caring is the “Why” in what we do!

  • We care about each other. We strive for a culture the encourages teamwork, support, and respect for each other.
  • We care about our relationships! We are a company built on relationships with our people and our customers.
  • We care about what we do and how we do it. Quality and attention to detail is everything!
  • We care about being financially responsible, both to our customers and the company.

DISCIPLINE – We are disciplined about our commitment to safety and business practices!

  • Discipline helps us achieve our safety and service goals. It also allows us to arrive at our goals faster as we use discipline to eliminate distractions.
  • Discipline helps us all be more resilient as we navigate different & complex circumstances.
  • Discipline ensures employees are heard and appreciated not only by their superiors but also their fellow colleagues.

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