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The Flight Club Podcast: A Deep Dive into Aviation’s Inspiring Stories with Jason Middleton

At Silver Air, we’re thrilled to support a project that aligns perfectly with our passion for the aviation community—the Flight Club Podcast. Hosted by our very own CEO, Jason Middleton, a seasoned pilot and aviation entrepreneur, this podcast is a celebration of the vibrant tapestry of personalities that make aviation truly remarkable.

The Flight Club Podcast is not just about aircraft; it’s about the people behind them. Jason brings listeners up close with a diverse group of individuals who define and drive our aviation community. From pilots to entrepreneurs, each episode offers a deep dive into the stories that unite us in the sky, providing a unique perspective on the personal journeys, professional insights, and the extraordinary things happening both in and out of the cockpit.

Join Jason and his guests as they explore the fascinating world of aviation. Each conversation is an opportunity to learn more about the innovations, challenges, and successes that shape this dynamic industry. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or simply curious about the forces behind flight operations, the Flight Club Podcast has something to offer.

We invite you to listen and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube, to stay connected with the latest episodes. Dive into the conversations and let us continue to inspire and educate each other in this thrilling field.

EPISODE #1 with Brian Monette
From Aviation Enthusiast to Top-Tier Corporate Pilot & YouTube Aficionado: How Brian Monette Built His Dreams!
Watch on YouTube

EPISODE #2 with Cyrus Sigari
Flying Through Fear: How a Near-Death Experience Unveiled a Spiritual Connection With Aviation
Watch on YouTube

EPISODE #3 with Daniel Baker
How FlightAware became the biggest little giant in aviation | Daniel Baker
Watch on YouTube

EPISODE #4 with Craig Ferguson
Craig Ferguson | Aviation Adventures and Stand Up Comedy
Watch on YouTube


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