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To rent or BYOS (bring your own skis) – that is the question

When you’re heading to the mountains for a healthy dose of alpine awesome, one question looms: rent or use your own? The answer differs from person to person and factors include your current set-up, what you’re going to need at your destination, rental options at your destination.

As you know, flying on Silver Air is as easy as it gets. There are no baggage claims, pesky fees, lengthy check-in procedures, or full body pat downs. And you can carry your avalanche air bag!

Enough about us. Let’s talk about your set-up. If you’ve got a kit you’re in love with that suits the terrain you’re going to get after, bring it. The benefits are many. When you arrive, you’ll be able to concentrate on your turns and your fun, no need to get used to the ride characteristics of something new and no need to dial anything in. Do yourself a favor and make your bases have a good (and appropriate wax) tune on them before departure. Tuned skis are happy skis and will perform optimally.

If you’re going to be playing on a bunch of different terrain, it’s your call if you want to bring skis or a board that does everything or a couple of sets, like something powder-specific and something for on-piste. On piste gear will have be narrower and a different side cut that’s better for corduroy turns, while a powder set-up will maximize float and time in “the white room”.

Want to rent when you get there? It’s never been easier. And it’s more tempting than ever thanks to Ski Butlers and Black Tie Skis you can reserve your set-up in advance. When you arrive, they’ll meet you at your condo with all the gear because there’s nothing more civilized than getting your high performance demos set-up, while you’re sipping on single malt next to a fireplace in your lodging.

It’s so easy, it’s tough to remember that the guy or gal helping you out probably knows the ins and outs of the town you’re visiting. So, if you’re looking for a bit of local knowledge on the best snow or the gastro-fare from fine dining to dives where locals hangout, they’re your connection. And even though these operations bring a few pairs of boots, if you have a pair that fits you well, bring them. Happy feet = the best odds for a happy day. Sad feet make you realize why foot torture was ever a thing.




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