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Silver Air Celebrates World Pilots Day

On April 26, 1912, a young Turkish pilot named Fesa Evrensev took off his first flight. Fesa Evrensev was the first Turkish military pilot to participate in several military flight missions during the Balkan Wars. In 1933, he became the first president of Turkish Airlines. Years later, the Turkish Airlines Association established World Pilots Day as a way to commemorate pilots across the world for safely connecting millions of passengers every year. 

In honor of World Pilots Day, we asked Silver Air Pilot Brian Dulle a few questions regarding his career as a pilot. The idea of an exciting, rewarding, and adventurous career sparked his interest in the aviation world as a child. Now that he’s a pilot at Silver Air, he says the best part about his job is the people. Brian noted that while a lot of pilot jobs are similar, finding a company with a special culture like Silver Air is extremely important. His advice to future pilots? Do well in school! While that applies to any career, he also suggests being able to work well with others while having an open personality. Flying charter with a crew requires everyone to be a team player and help out in any way possible. According to Brian, “Anyone can fly an airplane, but it takes a certain person to work well with a team.”

As we celebrate World Pilots Day, it’s important to highlight the remarkable skills and responsibilities that our pilots possess. Silver Air Pilots go far above standard requirements and the industry norm. They complete our comprehensive training programs which include the normal simulator, E-learning, ground school, emergency training, and in-person training with crews from every department specifically focused on the individual owner and aircraft. Our robust training programs demonstrate Silver Air’s commitment to maintaining a strong safety culture while allowing our Pilots to obtain an in-depth understanding of our safety systems. From their exceptional flying abilities to their unwavering commitment to safety and professionalism, our pilots are the backbone of our company.

Thank you to our Silver Air Pilots and pilots across the world for your unwavering hard work and dedication, our world would not be the same without you!


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