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PURE Jet Management

Silver Air recently launched PURE Jet Management — our vision to be the most innovative and transparent aircraft management solution.

PURE Jet Management is based on a few fundamentals:

  • Advocacy: Ensuring aircraft owners’ interests are always first.
  • Process: Building strategic plans around aircraft owners’ interests.
  • People: Putting our expert team to work for aircraft owners.

PURE differentiates Silver Air from traditional management companies that have developed a network of multiple profit centers motivated by upselling fuel, maintenance, hanger rent, and fixed costs. Since day one, Silver Air has vowed to advocate for our owner clients, and avoid these conflicts common in the traditional management model. PURE Jet Management means that we do one thing – we manage jets – and we believe we do it better and more transparently than anyone in the industry.

Unlike traditional jet management companies that act as multiple service providers, Silver Air does not profit from upselling fuel, maintenance, hangers or other fixed costs back to jet owners. Instead, Silver Air works in tandem with pilots and flight crews and expertly manages the multiple service vendors on the owner’s behalf ensuring a cost effective and transparent relationship.

We believe that the PURE model is the future of private jet management, and we hope you’ll check out our dedicated page to learn more about PURE: http://www.silverair.com/pure/

And give us a call or send us an email if you’d like to learn more. Thanks for reading!


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