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I get this question a lot

We sometimes like to call our private jet management service “pure management,” and a lot of times I get a funny look. “What do you mean, pure management?”

So, let’s break that down real quick using fuel as an example:

Jet owners buy a lot of fuel. And when you own a management company like Silver Air, you negotiate a lot of fuel contracts. We have an entire department dedicated to negotiating fuel and maintenance deals, and these folks are some of the best in the business.

They have to be, because we’ve built our business around a different kind of management model that depends on them. We like to call this “pure management” and it’s different from the traditional model.

See, the “traditional management” model started off decades ago looking a lot like what we’re doing now. We make sure our jets are maintained and running smoothly, and we oversee all necessary services like fuel, hangers, maintenance, etc.

But over the years, the “traditional management” model has evolved as these companies gobbled up subsidiaries (profit centers) to sell back things like fuel, maintenance, and hangers. They pitch these as efficiencies, but let’s look at it this way: What if YOU owned the fuel company – would YOUR goal be cost savings to your parent company’s clients? More likely, you would be focused on hitting your own numbers and making as much off that fuel as possible. We see a conflict of interest.

So when we say “pure management” what we mean is that we’re maintaining our focus on the process of managing all of the services needed to operate a jet, we’re experts at knowing the best vendors and negotiating on behalf of our owner partners, and we’re completely transparent in our reporting so our owner partners have the confidence that we’re doing it right.

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