One of the biggest race weekends of the year is just a few weeks away. From October 21-23, motorheads from around the world will converge on Austin to see the one and only F1 race in the United States. One of the best parties of the year, most of us already have made our plans. But, if you’re still on the fence, check the list below and clear your calendar for that weekend, not necessarily in that order.

5. Speed, speed, speed.
F1 racers hit 220 miles per hour. 220. And speeds rarely go south of 65. The slowest part of the track in Austin is the boomerang-like turn 11, where racers screech from about 179 mph to a crawling 64 mph.

4. Paddock Club seating makes luxury boxes feel like bleachers
No one rolls out the red carpet for VIPS like F1. Want to walk over the pits?* No problem. Need a great viewing area? Of course. Driver interviews? How many? And there’s also four-course gourmet dining, open wine bar, and transpo to your hotel.
*Don’t look for the fuel guy in the pits. F1 cars don’t refuel. They just pop in for fresh rubber. And those stops are quickies–as short as 2.3 seconds for all four tires. Total.

3. It’s one of the best parties on the planet
The two-hour race is fun and all, but the pre and post party? A cross between the Kentucky Derby and the Superbowl. Get down with a mix of race folks, car company CEOs, and movie stars from around the world.

2. Three letters: B B Q
When was the last time you had a BBQ that you’d choose as your last meal? Austin is the home of some of the best slow-roasted meats in the world. Don’t worry if you’ve just eaten: the line at Franklin Barbecue can be five hours long. The brisket is the move, btw. Or sink your teeth into the beef ribs at La Barbecue. And if you want to see a bit more of Texas, pick up some Lone Star on the way out of town take a scenic drive to The Salt Lick. The BYOB joint in Driftwood has an all-you-eat option for only $25 that includes sausage, brisket, and ribs, plus classic sides like potato salad, beans, and slaw.

1. Great Music
You already know that Austin is one of the best cities for live music in the world. The F1 USGP will improve on Austin’s already solid scene. Saturday night, 10-time Grammy winner, Taylor Swift, takes the stage. The Weeknd sends the weekend out with a bang on Sunday.

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