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Karissa Ramirez


Flight Support

At the age of 19, Karissa Ramirez enlisted into the Army not knowing the endless opportunities the military would bestow upon her. Karissa obtains 5 years of military service and continues to serve for the California Army National Guard.  Three of those years she served Active Duty as a Flight Operations Specialist. Serving as a Flight Operations Specialist, her main duty was assisting flight crews for mission launch and recovery but also monitoring aircraft through radio and global positioning. Her position ensured mission risks were properly addressed, assuring agent and aircrew safety. Given her aviation background, Karissa possesses  the knowledge to efficiently operate under stressful conditions to successfully execute the needs of the Silver Air mission on any given day. 
Born and raised in Arizona, Karissa sacrificed her family and friends back home to pursue her degree in Nursing here in beautiful California. She thrives off helping people when and wherever she can which ultimately led her to serving in the Armed Forces but also wanting to become a registered nurse. Karissa enjoys maintaining her physical stamina as well as venturing off into varieties of food tasting.

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