A singular focus on managing all of the services needed to effectively operate aircraft. Advocating for owners. Strategic, goal-oriented planning. Clear communication and transparent reporting.
  • Flight Crews: Empowering pilots and crews to be part of our management process.
  • Fuel: Constantly evaluating and negotiating the best fueling options to maximize cost-benefit.
  • Maintenance: Experienced managers who seek out and secure maintenance experts for your specific aircraft, and negotiate the best value.
  • Hangars: Evaluate and pursue the best hangar solution for each individual Owner.
  • Charter: Motivated to capture maximum charter revenue for Owners based on our common goals.
  • Accounting: Simple to understand, “One Transaction” accounting.
  • Planning: Clear, strategic, individualized plans, based on Aircraft Owners’ specific needs.

A developed network of multiple profit centers motivated by upselling fuel, maintenance, hanger rent and fixed costs. Disconnected, stagnated, restrictive.
  • Flight Crews: Restricting flight crews from making decisions or communicating with Owners.
  • Fuel: Motivated to keep fuel prices as high as possible, because they also own the fueling operations.
  • Maintenance: In-house maintenance staff with generalized aircraft knowledge and no motivation to compare or negotiate costs for Owners.
  • Hangars: Jams Owners’ aircraft into hanger space owned by the management company as an upsell.
  • Charter: Recovering costs in charter is a lower priority, because they are focused on upselling fuel, maintenance, and hangar rent.
  • Accounting: Unclear, inconsistent accounting with unexpected, surprise costs.
  • Planning: Restrictive, “one-size-fits-all” plans based on their upselling, multiple profit center model.


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